Lili Lane

When you love what you do, it shows.

As a passionate art director, I have the creative vision to conceive stunning designs that exceed clients’ wishes and successfully sell a product. Much of my career has challenged me to take traditional merchandise and create aspirational images. My portfolio proves that a great artist can find the beauty in anything. I am not afraid to push a creative team to reach full potential and work under pressure within a budget. I have been recognized for my strong work ethic, organization skills, high taste level, and classic images that make reshoots unnecessary despite style evolutions.

From an early age I knew creating, designing, trends, and retail were in my blood. Growing up in Campinas, Brazil, color and composition took a presence in all I did. While other girls played with dolls, I rearranged the furniture. And while my friends colored inside the lines, I chose to make everything around me beautiful
—much to the dismay of minha mãe linda.




2013 HOW In-House Design Award
2011 JCPenney Ruby Award for Creative Excellence
2000 PICA Best of Category, Packaging: Tags & Labels